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June 22 2017

Si tu mamá nunca hizo caldo de pollo en pleno calor, esa señora no es tu mamá.

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paranormal buttons

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© Akira Kusaka

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Rihanna out and about in New York. (13th July 2015)




why is white supposed to be a ‘pure’ color? you know what’s white? crack cocaine. you know what else is white? 230+ years of systematic oppression 

i lost like 8 followers because of this lol bye

I gotta reblog every time I see it lol.

June 21 2017

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I know this is like a really controversial opinion but fat people deserve to be treated like a human beings whether they’re healthy or not

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Imagine if John Lennon were still alive and tweeting frequently on current events…. he’d be insufferable. God

I trust my trust issues. I allow myself to be honest about the ways in which I have felt betrayed in the past. About the ways in which I was let down. About the events that have left me feeling abandoned by humans. By life.

But I trust in my ability to heal more than I trust in the way painful experiences keep me from wanting to join forces with others. I am learning how to merge my energy with those that vibrate with vitality and honesty. I am learning how to recognize whose time increases the length of my life. I am learning how to recognize whose talent and resources optimize my own.

— Chani Nicholas, Sagittarius Horoscope for 6/19/2017

Not to be bi


But I’m bi

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by @fridacashflow http://ift.tt/1W9rf8V

June 20 2017

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Adobo chili mac & cheese / Recipe

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Scully: I don’t believe this was the work of aliens


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Mitski photographed by Daniel Dorsa for Brooklyn Magazine

It is no accident that white masculinity is constructed the way it is in the United States, as European invasion of the Americas required a masculinity that murders, rapes, and enslaves Native and African peoples. It is a masculinity that requires men to be soldiers and conquerors in every aspect of their lives. A masculinity rooted in genocide breeds a culture of sexual abuse.
— Qwo-Li Driskill (via queersissyfag)
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North Indian Food Moodboard 

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