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I’ve been seeing a post going around about how we need to pray for Venezuela and it’s turning into a dictatorship but I’m just gonna let you know some things the media may not tell you.

1. The scarcity issue has been caused by right-winged business owners hoarding supplies in order to sabotage the economy. This is nothing new and has been done before

2. The right-winged extremist opposition is violent and has no desire to continue having a democracy (remember Chavez and Maduro were both democratically elected).

3. Before the Chavista Regime, Venezuela was a deeply divided country with massive inequality levels and a deeply entrenched class system. Venezuela now has one of the lowest inequality levels in Latin America.

The purpose of this post isn’t to make you chavistas or Pro-Maduro, I myself condemn the violence and militaristic nature of the Venezuelan state. However, I’m just letting you know not everything is as it seems and for the love of god please think more critically and research before getting into something you know nothing about. Quite frankly Venezuela and Latin America in general have had enough western intervention and it has always ended in tragedy. If you want to pray, pray but don’t pretend to be our saviours when you know nothing of our history.

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