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October 03 2017

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are you an “arrr” pirate or a “yo ho ho” pirate

I’m an “I’m not paying $600 for Photoshop” pirate

oh this one is good

September 26 2017

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Whether you’re making a potion in a glass, coffee in a mug or a concoction in your cauldron, at some point you’ll have to stir.

The direction you stir in (clockwise or counter clockwise) can have powerful effects on your potions and drinks, lending some extra energy and imbuing your intent even further.

DEOSIL (Clockwise)

Means “toward the sun”. The right side, with positive associations in some cultures. Used to summon energy.

WIDDERSHINS (counter Clockwise)

Means “against the way”. The left side, often with unlucky associations in some cultures. Used to banish energy.

Can also be used in:

✨ bath magick
✨ tea magick
✨ circling an object, place or your altar


September 25 2017

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A line of roses lines the street where Michael Brown was shot


me: but how am i supposed to recognize depressive episodes

me: [avoids social contact with anyone for like 2 days, lies awake in bed for 12 hours and then a bathtub for 5, listening to podcasts and not thinking about anything]

me: if only there were obvious signs

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the intouchables (2011) dir. olivier nakache, eric toledano

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One of my favorite looks at @calvinklein

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Немного о котах и чувстве вины…

“a little bit about cats and a sense of guilt …”

September 24 2017


i don’t trust men who are unable to maintain platonic relationships with women.

September 22 2017

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Illustrator Fran Krause turns people’s deepest and darkest fears into comic strips.


On the eighth day of Halloween, my true love gave to me

The thoughts that give me anxiety

September 21 2017



Being gay is about being invited to SJ and slam poetry events without ever expressing an interest

“You should do slam poetry” why

Why capitalism cannot be reformed (short version)





When apologists for capitalism fantasize about its benefits as a system, they focus on the opportunity to be very rich.

Everyone wants to be the billionaire elite and nobody wants to imagine his ideal capitalist self as the wage slave living paycheck to paycheck with no alternative, no healthcare, and no future beyond exploitation and death. If people could pick their own positions in a capitalist society, nobody is going to choose to be the worker.

But capitalism cannot function without a near infinite pool of exploitable labor. An elite cannot reap the benefits of “richness” without other people producing his wealth and comfort. Someone needs to refuel the jets, mine the diamonds, buy the over-priced necessity.

No one wants to be poor, but capitalism needs many more poor people so that the pleasures of the few rich are protected.

Because no one would volunteer to do all the work while reaping none of the benefits, capitalist societies need to force people into those positions and make sure they cannot escape them.

Capitalism cannot be reformed because for its “incentives” to exist there needs to be a captive population whose labor can be exploited, whose mobility is policed, and whose options are diminished. The structures of capitalism REQUIRE exploitation and oppression.

Well no, while it is true that capitalism requires a labor force it is not inescapable. If you work hard then you can beat out your competitors and make a better life for myself

What you are parroting here is a well-worn lie told to justify the oppression and exploitation necessary under capitalism: “they suffer because they don’t work hard enough!”

In reality, the people who quite literally work the hardest are kept by material conditions on the bottom rung of the ladder.

Even so, the myth does not refute my point – capitalism requires the majority of people to remain desperate enough that they will do the work that the elites do not wish to do. People must be oppressed for capitalism to function as a system. There cannot be a just distribution of wealth under capitalism, because the mechanics of it are inherently unjust.

None of us should be interested in “getting a better life for myself” if we must do it by exploiting our brothers and sisters.

Especially since a lot of wealth earned in imperialist nations is on the backs of the poor in nations they exploit, reforming capitalism at home does jack shit to disrupt global order of capitalism.

I always think of capitalism on a global scale because that’s where you see it at its worst. What did corporations do when people fought for better wages and working conditions? THEY OUTSOURCED JOBS TO COUNTRIES WHERE THE NEEDS OF THE POPULAS ARE SUPPRESSED TO THE POINT THAT THERE IS NO CHOICE OR FIGHT. They will start a war or fund terrorist organizations if any countries dares to back away from capitalism.

I will never view capitalism in a remotely positive light as long as improvement for some leads to harm for others. Reform is pointless because the system relies on that.

What is success when it’s limited? What is ideal when unnecessary suffering is manufactured and upheld?

Even if you manage to make your way up, that is not the case for most of the world because, as terminalpolitics said, capitalists rely on a pool of cheap labor.

So theory does not reflect reality.

Read: http://resistir.info/livros/imperialism_john_smith.pdf



tbh… women dont exist to heal men

women don’t exist to fix men. women don’t exist to please men. women don’t exist to clean up after men. women dont exist to obey men. women don’t exist to have men’s babies. women don’t exist for men.

September 20 2017

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September 19 2017

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Happy Bi Week! Here is an important reminder.


the words “Stop pitting bisexials against gays and lesbians. -Marina Watanabe” in all caps]


*petting my cat* please cure my depression
cat: *prrbhbphr*
me: thanks

the function of freedom is to free someone else.
— Toni Morrison (via st-just)


If you aren’t at least a little ashamed of your country’s history, you don’t know your country’s history.


I love being mutuals with lesbians and bi women

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