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November 10 2017

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And the Devil only ever gets one moment.
For revenge, for love, for “please see me.”

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the good place moodboard

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#i’m right here in flesh and blood and self hate

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My favorite spread of late–🔮pulling from the power of the pentagram⭐ and the elementals🔮…

(also doubles as a pretty powerful relationship spread–showing you partner qualities most compatible with your personality type).

Enjoy, wxtches

Girls love each other like animals. There is something ferocious and unself-conscious about it. We don’t guard ourselves like we do with boys. No one trains us to shield our hearts from each other. With girls, it’s total vulnerability from the beginning. Our skin is bare and soft. We love with claws and teeth and the blood is just proof of how much. It’s feral.

And it’s relentless.

— Leah Raeder, Black Iris (via lilgivenchyprincess)


why use makeup and high heels to strike fear into the hearts of men when just existing as an autonomous person with your own thoughts and feelings is the most terrifying thing any man can imagine

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a sneak peak 🐁🎀♥️

(caption deleters will be hexed)

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🔪Youth Brainwashing & The Extremist Cults🔪

(caption deleters will be hexed)

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Two Women, Joseph Christian Leyendecker


mystical masks

November 09 2017

Energy work


 Tumblr has severe gaps in its energy practitioning community, so I thought I’d chip in to help. I’ve been an energy practitioner my entire life, I was raised into it. I looked in the Energy Work tag hoping to get a new opinion on it, one that’s different from my families’. But it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

   Onto our first topic, What Is Energy?

  Many people have varying opinions on this, but it’s the force that pushes out work along, hence why it’s called energy work in the first place. It is the force we work with to push us along. 

Opinions on where energy come from vary. My family’s explanation has always been “God” or “The Universe”. No one truly knows, but we know that it’s been with you from the beginning, and it’ll be with you to the end (and longer).


 CGS stands for “Centering, Grounding, and Shielding. It is the very basic of energy work, and should be done before any large working, or if you’re new, any working. Centering your energies brings it all to one place (your center). Grounding stabilizes those energies, makes them easier to grab unto, more usable. The works that we do can throw these energies off a bit, and grounding helps to bring them back to how they should be. Shielding Protects you from whatever you have shielded from, usually you should shield from any outside negative energies, so they don’t interfere with your work. Ok done with the extreme basics …


    Feeling energy

  Oh did I say we were done with basics? Oops. Feeling and understanding your energy is the first step to working with it. Really you create your energy, so it’s more like getting to understand yourself? Anyway, your energy can reveal just about everything about you to the right eye. You should start to know yourself, it’ll help you know your energy.

Now, my energy is very subtle, I know that because I can soul read without even the very aware noticing. But this makes sense to my personality as well, granted a part of my personality I’ll never care to make light of, but my personality nonetheless. If you’re not a person who works without anyone knowing (and I don’t necessarily mean this kind of working), you might not have subtle energy. Your energy reflects you, the parts shown, and the parts not.

Now, I’m going to walk you through feeling your own energy:

Relax, let everything be still feel the things that still move. The wild beating of your heart, pumping your very life blood through your veins, your breath which holds you to this world. Feel the subtle force that resides in these every actions, which lives and thrives within them. This is your energy, Bring it out, let it reside just above your skin, and feel it. Feel every wiggle and squirm, every ripple and splash. When you are ready allow it to gently come back to where it resided before you began.

   Using Energy

  I waited about a year to move past feeling my energy, but that’s because I was a seven year old. Realistically you can move on much faster (though you should still try to feel it depending on how much experience you have). This part of the post will start delving into the practical uses for energy. You can use energy for tons of things, but we’re on basics so we’ll stick with that for now.

   Psi Balls

  These are balls made from energy that you can physically feel. I’ve seen posts on here that say you make them by rubbing your hands together, but that’s how I was taught. 

Here’s how I was taught:   Hold your hands apart, visualise light coming from them, and meeting with each other, forming into a ball. Visualize this orb growing and growing, pushing against your hands. You should feel this after a minute of so. (once you get more experienced it gets to be a few seconds.)

   Energy Toss!

  You can play with a friend or by yourself. You create an energy ball (or psi ball), and you toss it to your friend, who catches and tosses back. Try to make the ball last as long as you can. If your playing by yourself, you throw it and try to circle it around like  boomerang, catch and repeat. Just like the last game you try to make one last. Me and my siblings used to play when we were bored,

or waiting for church to end.


Aura Detecting 

  This game actually requires another. You feel your aura until you have a clear image of it in your mind. Hold to this image, and feel your friends aura until you have a image of it. Now reach your aura out, and grasp onto it, have them (silently) move around, and try to follow them (Eyes closed or blindfolded), while not trying to hear. I used to play these games with my friends when they came over to my house.



  Prayer can be useful if you have deities. But that could just be my family, they’re very catholic and most of them believed our energy came from God.



  Yea yea, I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times, so oh gee, if every source recommends it I wonder if that could mean it works??? Just a thought.


  When you work with something often, your energies will become attuned to it, even (perhaps especially) deities. These attunements generally aren’t bad, and make it easier to work with the thing that you’ve been attuned to, don’t worry you won’t randomly be attuned to things, they happen because you’ve worked with them so much.
  Theoretically speaking you could make Attunements with people, such as coven workers, or anyone you do lots of magic with. 

  Linking: I used to call it “Merging” when I was itty bitty, but later learned that merging sound really cult like, and linking definitely sounds better. Linking is when you make a strong, conscious, and temporary attunement with someone to use your power as one and cast bigger and more powerful spells. Heres how to link: Close your eyes, if possible hold hands. Think of a good memory you two share together, or something you constantly talk about, this will be the bridge that connects the two of you. While you think of these, will your energies, together. Once you both feel that the two of you are in-separable, you begin your work. NOTE: This is a 2-3 people thing. It WILL NOT WORK for a whole coven. Nothing will happen. Or at least not very much :p       

   The Elements 

  This probably should’ve come before Attunements but oh well. When I refer to the elements I mean the elements of the craft; Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and four more if you really want to go into it. Now the elements don’t


to be the literal versions of these, let’s break it down.Fire: Basically anything warm. The ancients saw it as the doorway between our world and the world of the spirits.Air: Air can represent things such as; The wind, the spirit (if ya want), and the sky (and possibly the atmosphere)Water: Water more represents fluidity than actual water. Earth: Earth represents solidity, the state of being hard, making it the easiest element to ground to.

    Ok So this is all basics, but I’m going to make an intermediate working post soon so watch out :p


I need your help

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articles that helped me as a baby witch



so i’ve been helping my friend @wholecashews get into witchcraft and this has given me a chance to go over all of the things I read when I was just starting out and think about the things that really impacted me, and I decided maybe it would be cool to post some of the links I sent to her on here as well :) 

so I’ll start with the big one: this article, Sigils Reboot by Gordon at Rune Soup, MADE ME BELIEVE IN MAGIC. Like before I was kind of like, “Sure, yeah, this sounds fun to believe in and play around with” but after I read this article I felt like I’d just found the glitch in the Matrix or something. I highly recommend reading if you appreciate an explanation of magic that leans toward the psychological side. 

this little blurb about witchcraft and the placebo effect also makes a good point about the psychology behind magic’s power. 

this thread on skeptics trying to get into witchcraft again discusses several people’s experiences with the psychological approach to magic, and was very helpful for me to read. Looking at all of these different articles as someone just starting off and trying to figure out “how does this even work?” really helped me get a handle on how magic works (to the best extent that you can even try to understand that) and helped everything suddenly feel a lot more accessible and sensible. Suddenly I was like “oh ok yes you use a red ribbon in this spell because of your brain and how it works, not just because Somebody Said So”. as a beginner that was an important distinction to make because then I began to see how I could make witchcraft my own instead of just copying people’s spells. 

to that end, reading this piece on aesthetics and mechanics of magic made a lot of sense to me once I had really considered the psychological aspects of witchcraft. it was also encouraging for me to think about my own craft and put more thought into building it. 

all of those links^ came from @upthewitchypunx‘s diy witchery resources. that page is a treasure trove, thank you for compiling it!

all of that info also reminds me of something i saw around tumblr a few times that really confused me at first: spell paradigms, meaning the assumption behind how a spell works. lots of spells don’t explicitly say “this spell will bring you money because the green candle has supreme money power or the thyme sprinkled around will attract it or etc”. instead they just sort of tell you what to do without telling you how they make things happen. the subject of spell paradigms is definitely still interesting and maybe not entirely clear to me, but I think it is related to the whole psychology aspect of the discussion. personally i haven’t really even begun to think about deities but have thought more about chaos and energy. deities is a whole other can of worms if we’re going to to get particular about how magic works, so I haven’t gone there yet. 

the witches’ workbook by @theoryofmagick is a great general primer that I really appreciated reading because it clearly lays out a lot of things that are good for a beginner to think about. unfortunately i can only find those first 2 chapters, but they are great and informative!

this post also provides a simple list of ideas for what to do as a witchling. sometimes you just need a list!

Eliza at @maddiviner has a really awesome and informative site in general. I really appreciated how well-written her new witches page is - she also does a good job just laying a lot of info on the table for you. she has a lot of good info on divination as well. 

lastly, I <3 andi grace! this article of theirs on coming out of the woo closet really helped me see how witchcraft and social justice are tied. i came to witchcraft already having radical politics, so i was not super into the very white, eurocentric, binaristic, and blissfully-unconcerned-about-cultural-appropriation version of witchcraft that came up sometimes on tumblr. this is a great and motivating read for anti-capitalist witchbabes. 

ok 2 more and then I’m done. 

Pagans of Color! Important and much-needed resources on racial intersections and practices of witchcraft - as a white person I love reading this site to broaden my perspectives. They also have a really good set of articles on there that are targeted towards white people in the witchcraft community. 

and through them I found this really great article (and here’s their notes on it too) about the toxic privilege and racism that underlies white spiritual communities and how to improve it. always good to be thinking about this no matter where i am in my craft. 

phew! ok. that’s all. as you can see i did a lot of reading starting out, and i still do a lot of reading. that’s what it’s about! hope these help :) 

What a thoughtful collection of ideas. I love seeing how other folks stitch together systems that work for them in a methodical and interesting way.

Also, thanks for the shout out to my Resource page!

November 04 2017

Rise of the ‘bromance’ threatens heterosexual relationships, warn social scientists






this is so fucking funny

scientists, seeing dudes learn how to make actual friends: ah fuck how are they gonna use women for emotional labor now

This is what all dudes should do, sleeping in the same bed/enclosed doesn’t mean sex. I would know, I’ve slept with a dude in a hammock.

Anything that threatens heterosexual relationships is good in my book


Does anyone else love bad weather? Like the kind that’s loud and dark and draws attention to its self like pounding rain drops and thunder and lightning that seems just so close. And you can sit near a window and it’s dark outside and maybe you’ve got a candle lit or a lamp and it’s so warm inside and you’re wearing you’re favourite sweater and watching a good show or reading a good book and it’s beautiful outside the rain and the clouds and the sound of it all and you’re just so content and cosy and happy

November 02 2017

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#my social skills

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Anuthida Ploypetch by Marie Schmidt

November 01 2017

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“I am successful in the goals I set for myself”

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