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May 21 2018


anne carson x emily dickinson time travel au slow burn 100k fanfic written secretly on a usb and thrown into the ballast of a sunken ship to be found centuries from now

Doing Your Own Research



Or, more appropriately titled: Doing Your Own Research, Without Just Looking Up Someone Else’s Correspondence Lists. Because while those lists are very handy to get started or have a shorthand reference, it gives us memorization, stopping just short of real understanding. What’s more, most correspondence lists won’t have your local (overlooked) plant life, or whatever niche plant, rock, animal you need. Sometimes, you have to get your hands dirty and figure it out from scratch.

Anyway so here’s some stuff you can do to aid in that.

 The Science
Look into what it physically is. What family does it belong to? If that weird plant growing in your backyard is closely related to say, basil, it will likely have similar properties. Was that crystal formed under heat and pressure, or is it a sedimentary rock? What does this animal do? How does it live and survive? A lot of correspondences come from this level, and it’s the easiest level to research. Physical traits and fun science facts are all welcome here and fair game to use in magic.

The Folklore
Okay, so we know what the Thing is made of, but let’s look into its relationship with humans. There’s nothing demanding that roses be the Official Love Flower, but rather it’s a collective cultural thing. That has worked itself into magic as well. Are there any stories involving your object of choice? Local superstitions? Home remedies? What does this item get used for in wider culture? For some things, there may not be much here. But for those that do have lore, it’s a valuable resource.

The Vibes
The actual, spiritual sensations you get from holding or touching the Thing. (This is going to apply more to rocks and plants… please don’t go out and touch wild animals.) This will give you some better understanding beyond just what it does, but how it does it. Does the energy seem aggressive? Is it fast or slow moving? Does it give you the impression of being related to a certain element? Which brings us into the next…

The Voice
If you communicate with stuff or spirits at all, this is for you. Just ask the Thing for yourself! “Hello. I am ____. Tell me, what sort of things would you be able to help me with?” Prepare an interview, maybe. This will likely be more specific than “love” or “cleansing,” because they’re giving you a pitch and will know themselves very well. It may be “I help someone realize romantic feelings they already have but don’t know about,” or “I help other cleansing items so that cleansed spaces stay cleaner for longer, but I don’t work by myself.” If you get an answer, record it!

Use the Thing! If you have a general idea of what it does, throw it into the mix for your next relevant spell and see how it changes the result. You can read a lot about something, but the research doesn’t stop when you start using it! As you discover things through repeated use, make note of that as well!

Happy researching!

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1.01 Night Work

Do you believe there is a demimonde, Mr. Chandler? A half world between what we know and what we fear? A place in the shadows, rarely seen but deeply felt. Do you believe that?

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Sparrow Princess

Limited edition prints available here

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While we’re at it, crying is also not inherently feminine. It’s inherently HUMAN

The Witch’s Guide to Etiquette: Avoiding Witch Wars


Witches absorb, think, then act.  My rule of three is: read everything three times before choosing a course of action/response/commenting.  Similarly, I read my response three times before entering/sending.  It gives you time to absorb, make sure you understand what you’re reading, and eliminates most confusing or reactionary elements.  Also allows you to beat the sinister demon of the internet: Autocorrect.

Finally, a three-fold rule I can get on board with.


this is what fatventure mag will look like when we make it a reality. 

hi folks! we’re less than $5,500 away from our goal, and just 14 days to reach it! I know we can do this - we just need your help. support me, @matriarchal and the rest of the fatventure team by:

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Your contribution to this Kickstarter doesn’t just bring this magazine to life, it also pays our amazing writers and artists whose work will appear in our first volume. 

Want to support us but waiting for payday? Don’t worry – nothing will be charged to your card until we’re funded, which will hopefully be June 4th. 

Signal boost this post, and support us on Kickstarter!


🗣 stop fuckin around with people you don’t even like just cause you lonely 🗣

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by Chinese artist Ma Jun.

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That’s it. The best version of the meme. We’ve done it lads


Me: *is feeling bad*
Also me: *can’t think of a way to make it funny*
Brain: can’t talk about it then

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Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold (2017), dir. Griffin Dunne

May 20 2018

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You’re just a typical Kenyan girl.

Rafiki (2018, dir. Wanuri Kahiu)

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You’re tough, aren’t you? Now, you listen to me, ‘kay? I will not let you grow up in this place. I won’t do it. Do you hear me? They do not own you. And they do not own what you will become. Do you hear me? I’m gonna get you out of here. I’m gonna get us out of here. I promise you. I promise.

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happy royal wedding day!

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Karl Alexander Wilke (1879-1954), ‘Ihr Weg’ (Your Way), “Die Muskete”, #27, April 5, 1906


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Alia Shawkat photographed by Amber Maloney for Tidal Magazine 

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