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August 07 2017

Things to Research as a Beginner Witch


• The history of witchcraft
• Famous witches, if you’d like
• Types of witches
• Types of magick (white magick, chaos magick, etc)
• Types of spells (curses, hexes, etc)
• Types of divination (tarot, scrying, etc)
• Talismans vs Sigils (and what each are)
• Seals
• Maybe some alphabets if that’s your thing
• Some witchy symbols
• Deities (For pagan witches)
• Let it spread from there!

Cleansing Your Space Without Smoke





  •   Your first and most simple way to cleanse without smoke would be to make a salt water solution (Fresh Salt Water from a Beach is a big Plus! Or reuse that snow/ Rain Water)
  • Simply mix the salt to your water until it dissolves fully.
  • Essential Oils are completely optional, Make your solution your own this is nearly a “base” Recipe but also very effective on its own.
  • Spray all around your Home, Altar, Car, Body to clear the congested energy.



 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ OPTION ONE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~

Boil water, And Add herbs that work with the intention of your cleanse.

  • Sage- Clears ALL energys
  • Sweet Grass- Think “Sweet” promotes love
  • Rosemary- Love, Cleansing, Protection, Money  Your all purpose herb
  • Cinnamon: Protection, Love
  • Lavender: Peace, Tranquility, Happiness
  • Cloves: Exorcizing, Banishing negativity
  • Rue: Exorcizing, Expelling, Hex Breaking
  • Chamomile: Keeping, And Promoting peace, Happiness
  • Basil: Luck
  • Angelica Root: Protection against Malevolent spirits

(Research different herbs, Mix and Match to make YOUR Perfect blend)

Boil all of of your herbs together, Until you get a rich, Dark Color. Use this time to “add” Your intentions and energy’s into your mixture. Make your magic Happen! Take the pot and “Smudge” with the steam. All nooks, All cranny’s, All corners, All Rooms.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Now here is your “Second Option“  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ONCE THE MIXTURE HAS REACHED ROOM TEMPERATURE use your decoction as a Floor Wash. You can add any detergents, Or Fragrances at this time

Clean all your floors, Base boards, Window Sills, What ever feels right, Although I would always start with the Floor.

(You may want to dilute in clean water, As some herbal mixes can stain)

This gives your Home Cleansing some extra OOMPH

You can dispose of your mixture Naturally, Outside, Or down the drain, Its up to you. This is an eco friendly solution.

If you live in a place with carpet-

Baking soda + herbs + vacuum.

Baking soda is often used to clean carpets because is neutralizes odors, draws out funky skin oils, and kills bugs. Mix baking soda with cleansing herbs of your choice, spread it on the carpet and let it sit for a little (I do it for a day just because I really wanna make sure it does it) before vacuuming it up and tossing it. 

(-cringes at the use of the word ‘smudge’ but saves the rant for another time-)


I’ve been seeing a post going around about how we need to pray for Venezuela and it’s turning into a dictatorship but I’m just gonna let you know some things the media may not tell you.

1. The scarcity issue has been caused by right-winged business owners hoarding supplies in order to sabotage the economy. This is nothing new and has been done before

2. The right-winged extremist opposition is violent and has no desire to continue having a democracy (remember Chavez and Maduro were both democratically elected).

3. Before the Chavista Regime, Venezuela was a deeply divided country with massive inequality levels and a deeply entrenched class system. Venezuela now has one of the lowest inequality levels in Latin America.

The purpose of this post isn’t to make you chavistas or Pro-Maduro, I myself condemn the violence and militaristic nature of the Venezuelan state. However, I’m just letting you know not everything is as it seems and for the love of god please think more critically and research before getting into something you know nothing about. Quite frankly Venezuela and Latin America in general have had enough western intervention and it has always ended in tragedy. If you want to pray, pray but don’t pretend to be our saviours when you know nothing of our history.

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i really wish i could get a refund for all the love i’ve wasted on people like! repay my emotional labour your bill is in the mail


when i say “i don’t like drama” what i really mean is “i don’t want to have my own drama.” your drama, on the other hand,  

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The pun lover in me wants to call this one
“Astral projection”
I’m giving in to that side of me.

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Botticelli: Details of flowers

June 26 2017

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Why are you doing this to me?

Una Mujer Fantástica (A Fantastic Woman) (2017) dir. Sebastián Lelio

June 25 2017

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I don’t want to see or be seen by straight people.

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abandoned library 📚, in Russia 🇷🇺

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split your infinities 🍃

This bathroom is beautiful 💖

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Grease (1978) dir. Randal Kleiser

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summer mood is the foot pop

June 23 2017

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June 22 2017

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Si tu mamá nunca hizo caldo de pollo en pleno calor, esa señora no es tu mamá.

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